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瑞士乃內陸高山國家,卻能以鐵路貫穿其中,不管是高海拔雪山,或地勢平坦湖泊,幾乎都能乘搭公共交通抵達。瑞士旅行通票(Swiss Travel Pass),是一張專門提供給外國遊客使用的車票,何時何地皆能自由乘搭瑞士境內的火車、巴士或郵輪。一張票,既能深度遊覽整個瑞士。


結合 1,280 公里美景的火車之旅

4 種官方語言

5 個 UNESCO 世界遺產

11 座湖泊

1,280 公里的壯麗景色

瑞士推出了一條串聯各個全景觀光火車的旅遊路線,不僅是火車,也結合了各種公共交通工具,務必要我們全年任何時候、任何季節,都可以看見無死角的瑞士之美。所以,你只要拿一張旅行通票(Swiss Travel Pass),然後帶上自己的心,瑞士旅遊就是那麽簡單。這條路線,就叫做瑞士環遊火車之旅(Grand Train Tour)


How to tour Switzerland with one ticket

Switzerland has managed to navigate its geography, connecting highlands and inland valleys with an extensive public transport system. Designed specifically for foreign tourists, the Swiss Travel Pass allows for unlimited rides on any train, bus, or ferry. One ticket to travel them all.  


1,280 kilometres worth of train ride packed with spectacular beauty

4 official languages

5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

11 large lakes

1,280 kilometres of magnificent view

On the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland, panoramic trains take you to all the highlights and sights in Switzerland, accessible via all manner of public transport year-round. Get the Swiss Travel Pass, lean back, and enjoy the simple journey, wherever you like, on the Switzerland Grand Train Tour.



About the illustrator



Tan Chao Ling, nicknamed “Farmer”, is a Malaysian illustrator.


He works mainly on producing illustrations for publications and newspapers while dabbling in some graphic design. 


He has published his picture book, “The Loneliness Syndrome”. 


Facebook: The Farm
Instagram: @farmerwhopaint


插畫 | 《遠方》瑞士行旅 - Swiss Travel Pass 瑞士旅行通票

  • Artwork 300 x 210 mm

    Frame 420 x 320 mm

    Giclée Art Print on

    ILFORD Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm


    · Digital Print

    · Free shipping (Except East Malaysia)

    · Certificate included

    · Limited to 10 sheets

    · Signed by the author